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Cooking (Slow Food) With Dog

May 9, 2010

…No, we’re not going to eat the dog. He’s just going to help us out in the kitchen. This is a great alternative to expensive, unhealthy take-out. Give it a try! Dog will guide you trough the cooking, step by step. Good luck in the kitchen;)


Just Sparks

March 2, 2010

from weheartit.comEven though March is here it’s still cold and snowy outside. Norway has been having a long period of cold weather. We’re talking two months of cold weather and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping. This is pretty rare in my neck of the woods since we usually have pretty mild winters due to the coastal climate. In other words: I’ve had enough. Enough winter already! I want to wear ballerina flats and skirts! The most annoying thing about winter for me, apart from constantly having cold hands, is static electricity. My hair gets frizzy, my clothes crackle and I get shocked every time I touch another person or metal. Is there any way I can escape this dreadful thing? Yet again I turned to my old pal Mr. Google for answers. He never fails me in times of need.

Static electricity is usually caused when certain materials are rubbed against each other, like wool on plastic or the soles of shoes on carpet. The process causes electrons to be pulled from the surface of one material and relocated on the surface of the other material.
A static shock occurs when the surface of the second material, negatively charged with electrons, touches a positively-charged conductor, or vice-versa.

Apparently, the most common way to get charged is through friction between shoes and the floor. In the winter time we experience much dryer air and the electricity has a harder time “escaping” your body. Our shoes and clothes are better isolated this time of the year. In summer time the electricity escapes more efficiently due to the humidity in the air, and we don’t notice the static electricity as much. As you might have noticed, some materials tend to be easier to charge than others. In this list I found on’s pages you can see which materials and fabrics that create the most static el. when exposed to each other. The further they are from each other on the scale, the more static el they can produce.

Positive charged

Human hair
Hard rubber
Acetate silk
Synthetic rubber
Negative charged

How do I avoid being electrically charged all winter? Well, here are some tips I found online:

  • Ivory. Rub your wool or cotton sweater with ivory. This is an ancient trick that is suppose to take away some of the static el.from
  • If you tumble dry different fabrics together, make sure not to dry the fabric completely before taking them out. Let your wash air dry the rest of the time. In fact, it’s better to tumble dry one type of fabric at them time. Synthetic fabrics should be air dried not tumble dried to avoid static el.
  • Keep your skin moisturized. If your skin is dry it’s harder for your body to release electricity and you get static shocks.
  • Try to avoid mixing clothes with natural and synthetic fabrics. Or you could try putting a cotton layer in between.
  • Avoid synthetic rugs in your home. They can charge your body with up to 8000 Volts. In order to get a static chock your body needs to be charged with 2500-4000Volts.
  • “Wet your hair slightly before styling, and use a modern hairdryer with a built-in ion emitter (these reduce static build-up).”  (
  • Like this Satin Hair Brush from Braun. I wonder if it works.
  • “You can create an inexpensive anti-static spray by dumping a lot of fabric softener into a spray bottle filled with water. Spray this on carpets and other surfaces to prevent static build-up.” (
  • Buy a static discharging keychain and let the keychain take the shock. You can also use a regular key or some metal object. You will still feel the shock, but it won’t hurt as much.

I hope you found some of the tips helpful. Good luck people.

Ice Ice Baby

February 21, 2010

Lately I’ve really been into online shopping. I never buy expensive items because of taxes, unless it’s something that I have to own. Sometimes you can save quite a lot of money too. For Norwegians, beauty products are usually cheaper online.

Note: If you want something hand made and unique you should definitely check out I bought a necklace off their site a year ago and I love it.

A while back I bought this kawaii ice cream necklace from South Korea on Ebay. It’s perfect over a plain t-shirt or tank top. The ice cream looks kind of realistic as well, don’t you think? Faux food or plastic food is a big thing in Asia. It’s mainly used in restaurants and shops to give people an idea of what the real food (dishes) looks like. Some people also collect plastic food or display them at home. Faux food is almost a form of art. Just look at how they make these tings:

Culinary Asia: Plastic Food Phenomenon Video at

Old News! New Lips?

February 11, 2010

My boyfriend woke me up one morning. He was worried that I actually had died during the night. I couldn’t understand what he was going on about. He pointed at my lips and I got up to look myself in the mirror. My lips were covered in blood, and a stripe had run all the way down to my chin. How flattering I thought to myself. I looked like I’d been involved in a bar brawl. Oh no. Try dry winter lips. That’s when I decided to buy a new lip balm. If you’re like me, you have a huge stash of different lip balms and glosses strategically spread around in different bags and coats. One older than the next. This needs to stop somehow. I need to find the perfect lip balm and throw away the rest. So I did my research and googled “good lip balm”. Who the heck does research on a lip balm anyways? If bleeding from a split lip became a habit, you would too. I tell you this though; my search pointed in one direction and that was towards the EOS Lip Balm. Apparently, this product has been hyped for quite some time now, but was the hype right? I went out and bought the EOS Summer Fruit Lip Balm (there are three different types).

My verdict:

+ Moisturized my lips pretty well.
+ Nice smell
+ Fun design
+ Almost a 100% organic
+ No Parabens.
+ Not tested on animals

– The design can make it hard to carry in a pocket.
– A bit expensive (80kr=13.50$)
– Didn’t moisturize my lips enough.

My lips feel way better. I actually like this lip balm, but right now it doesn’t moisturize my lips enough. Maybe it will work better when the weather gets warmer?

My lips are very, very dry, but if you don’t need as much moisture as me, this lip balm will suit you just fine. EOS seems to be a lot better that the stuff you get at the grocery stores though. As for me, the hunt for the perfect lip balm continues.


The Boys at BBC Three Find Their Favorite Beauty Products

February 8, 2010

I didn’t watch this clip before making my own top 5 here at the blog. I swear. Anyroad, here’s BBC’s take on wacky beauty products.

The Boyfriend’s corner

February 7, 2010

Name: Tage.
Born: The year of the tiger.
Occupation: Mini ninja trainer.

Ninja: Welcome Tage-san!
Tage-san: Thank you, thank you.

Ninja: How are you doing?
Tage-san: I’m doing great. Thanks for asking.

Ninja: Tell me, how is it like living with a ninja?
Tage-san: Hahaha.. Is that supposed to be you? In that case.. It’s a blast, as you never know what happens next.

Ninja: How old are you Tage-san?
Tage-san: Uhm. I’m 23 autumns old.

Ninja: Is it true that you got an anti-age serum for Christmas?
Tage-san: Well, depends on how you see it. You might look at it as a beauty product, but in my eyes it’s a product that might help me increase my masculinity… What?

Ninja: You’re saying you haven’t tried it?
Tage-san: That’s right. There is a time and place for everything. Now is not the time for this product. It will lurk in my bathroom cupboard for 20 years.

Ninja: True, but now you have the upper hand on your skin. It’s all about preventing and obviating efforts. Prevent, prevent, prevent!
Tage-san: You have now reached the dividing line between boys and girls. For the time being, give me soap, and I’m clean. Savvy?

Ninja: Does that mean that you don’t use any other “beauty” products?
Tage-san: Damn right.

Ninja: What do you think of all these girly beauty products then?
Tage-san: Well, some of them might not me necessary. Maybe those products are more helpful for the mind than the actual skin. Capice?

Ninja: Yes, yes, I can relate. So, what is the most useless beauty product you can think of?
Tage-san: Hemorrhoid cream in your face. I have heard rumors..

Ninja: They are true. I don’t know what’s worse. Hemorrhoid cream in your ass or hemorrhoid cream in your face? You know?
Tage-san: …Change the subject…

Ninja: Do you have any secrets?
Tage-san: None whatsoever.

Ninja: Come on!! Give us something juicy.
Tage-san: I prefer Mac over PC.

Ninja:….. Let’s try this one more time. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
Tage-san: Once I was out riding a bike. As I passed a bus stop a girl said something to me. I pushed on the breaks, but they were squeaking. So I didn’t push them down hard. As a result, the bike didn’t stop for about 5 meters. I started backing up with my feet towards the bus stop, which took a good 20 sec. Then I said: “What?” Then she said: “Do you have the time?” And I said: “Well….no I don’t have a watch.” Then she said: “Oh….ok…” And I was like: “…Bye.”

Ninja: That’s it? You made me write all this down, for what? Where’s the embarrassing part?
Tage-san: Well, there was the awkward pause as I was backing up.

Ninja: I was thinking more along the lines of, I don’t know, farting loudly in class..
Tage-san: No comment.

Ninja: Last, but not least. Where’s your favorite place in this world?
Tage-san: Japan! I can’t wait to go back.

Ninja: Aren’t you happy your girlfriend is a ninja then?
Tage-san: Absolutely thrilled;)

Konbanwa gozaimasu and thanks for the talk Tage-san!


Top 5 Weirdest Japanese Beauty Products

January 31, 2010

If there’s one thing I noticed during my vacation in Japan it was the girls. Most of them were very feminine and always striving to look their best. Coming from a country whose motto is: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”, this felt somewhat foreign to me. Don’t get me wrong. Norwegian people can dress well and take care of themselves, but we don’t walk around in blizzards with high heels and a mini skirt. Luckily, girls in Japan have countless beauty products to help them along the way. Here are my top 5 weirdest Japanese beauty products:

5. Face Cleanser a la Poop

This cream/ cleanser contains poop from Nightingales. Bird poop is obviously super healthy for your skin and many Japanese swear by it.

4.  Mouth Slimmer

A slim mouth makes the rest of the face seem smaller. And Japanese people like small.

3.  Eyelid Glue

If you have Asian looking eyelids, but want a more Western look, you can create a crease by using glue.

2. Breast Enhancing Cookies

Do you want bigger breasts? All righty then. Have a cookie!

1.  Face Slimmer Mask

This mask is suppose to mould your face slimmer. The only thing you’ll accomplish by wearing this is looking like a crazy killer.