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Top 5 Weirdest Japanese Beauty Products

January 31, 2010

If there’s one thing I noticed during my vacation in Japan it was the girls. Most of them were very feminine and always striving to look their best. Coming from a country whose motto is: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”, this felt somewhat foreign to me. Don’t get me wrong. Norwegian people can dress well and take care of themselves, but we don’t walk around in blizzards with high heels and a mini skirt. Luckily, girls in Japan have countless beauty products to help them along the way. Here are my top 5 weirdest Japanese beauty products:

5. Face Cleanser a la Poop

This cream/ cleanser contains poop from Nightingales. Bird poop is obviously super healthy for your skin and many Japanese swear by it.

4.  Mouth Slimmer

A slim mouth makes the rest of the face seem smaller. And Japanese people like small.

3.  Eyelid Glue

If you have Asian looking eyelids, but want a more Western look, you can create a crease by using glue.

2. Breast Enhancing Cookies

Do you want bigger breasts? All righty then. Have a cookie!

1.  Face Slimmer Mask

This mask is suppose to mould your face slimmer. The only thing you’ll accomplish by wearing this is looking like a crazy killer.

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