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The Boyfriend’s corner

February 7, 2010

Name: Tage.
Born: The year of the tiger.
Occupation: Mini ninja trainer.

Ninja: Welcome Tage-san!
Tage-san: Thank you, thank you.

Ninja: How are you doing?
Tage-san: I’m doing great. Thanks for asking.

Ninja: Tell me, how is it like living with a ninja?
Tage-san: Hahaha.. Is that supposed to be you? In that case.. It’s a blast, as you never know what happens next.

Ninja: How old are you Tage-san?
Tage-san: Uhm. I’m 23 autumns old.

Ninja: Is it true that you got an anti-age serum for Christmas?
Tage-san: Well, depends on how you see it. You might look at it as a beauty product, but in my eyes it’s a product that might help me increase my masculinity… What?

Ninja: You’re saying you haven’t tried it?
Tage-san: That’s right. There is a time and place for everything. Now is not the time for this product. It will lurk in my bathroom cupboard for 20 years.

Ninja: True, but now you have the upper hand on your skin. It’s all about preventing and obviating efforts. Prevent, prevent, prevent!
Tage-san: You have now reached the dividing line between boys and girls. For the time being, give me soap, and I’m clean. Savvy?

Ninja: Does that mean that you don’t use any other “beauty” products?
Tage-san: Damn right.

Ninja: What do you think of all these girly beauty products then?
Tage-san: Well, some of them might not me necessary. Maybe those products are more helpful for the mind than the actual skin. Capice?

Ninja: Yes, yes, I can relate. So, what is the most useless beauty product you can think of?
Tage-san: Hemorrhoid cream in your face. I have heard rumors..

Ninja: They are true. I don’t know what’s worse. Hemorrhoid cream in your ass or hemorrhoid cream in your face? You know?
Tage-san: …Change the subject…

Ninja: Do you have any secrets?
Tage-san: None whatsoever.

Ninja: Come on!! Give us something juicy.
Tage-san: I prefer Mac over PC.

Ninja:….. Let’s try this one more time. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
Tage-san: Once I was out riding a bike. As I passed a bus stop a girl said something to me. I pushed on the breaks, but they were squeaking. So I didn’t push them down hard. As a result, the bike didn’t stop for about 5 meters. I started backing up with my feet towards the bus stop, which took a good 20 sec. Then I said: “What?” Then she said: “Do you have the time?” And I said: “Well….no I don’t have a watch.” Then she said: “Oh….ok…” And I was like: “…Bye.”

Ninja: That’s it? You made me write all this down, for what? Where’s the embarrassing part?
Tage-san: Well, there was the awkward pause as I was backing up.

Ninja: I was thinking more along the lines of, I don’t know, farting loudly in class..
Tage-san: No comment.

Ninja: Last, but not least. Where’s your favorite place in this world?
Tage-san: Japan! I can’t wait to go back.

Ninja: Aren’t you happy your girlfriend is a ninja then?
Tage-san: Absolutely thrilled;)

Konbanwa gozaimasu and thanks for the talk Tage-san!


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  1. February 7, 2010 11:48 pm

    Best Ninja Beauty blog entry to date! ❤

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